IELTS Preparation Course Online – Coaching from Examiners

IELTS Preparation Course Online

Our IELTS preparation online course will help you prepare for speaking, writing, reading and listening exams. Having an IELTS examiner as your own coach will help you progress and pass your test quickly.

Private Coaching from IELTS Examiners


Having private 1-to-1 coaching means the IELTS course is personal to your own needs.


Writing is a part of the IELTS exam many students struggle with. Our writing course contains:

Key content for the writing course includes these different areas:

Task 1 (Academic and General tests)

Learn how to:

  • Describe line graphs (movement/trends)
  • Memorise vocabulary for your band score
  • Introduce graphs and diagrams correctly
  • Understand how to group sets of complicated data
  • How to effectively describe bar/pie/line/maps
  • Write letters in all settings given (general)
  • Understand the different styles of writing needed (general)

Task 2


  • Different types of essay question
  • What the examiners are looking for (for your IELTS band)
  • How to brain storm/ generate good ideas and plan
  • Structuring your essay so it flows
  • How to write introductions and conclusions well
  • Sentence structures to express your ideas clearly
  • Systems to develop and explain your given ideas
  • What is required for ‘opinion essays’
  • Key advanced vocabulary for multiple task 2 questions

Many students write additional information they don’t need to write, you will learn how to edit and also effecitvely manage your time and planning.

Our course is not generalised, your examiner will be your own personal coach and you will only focus on what you need to do to boost your score. Some students need to achieve band 6, the majority of our students need band 7, others need band 8. The course is exclusive to your own goals and the teacher will easily adapt to your personal IELTS needs.


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Our speaking course is designed for you to practice, receive feedback and to understand what you need to do to get a higher score.

You will learn:

  • To confidently introduce yourself to the examiner
  • To speak on a diverse range topics for part 2
  • To develop your ideas for part 3 – building confidence
  • To become aware of any of your pronunciation problems
  • To overcome your grammar weak points (prepositions/articles/plurals etc)
  • To use advanced vocabulary within each topic
  • To understand what the examiner is expecting at your band

The teacher will identify topics that you are not so confident talking about, for example many students struggle with areas such as sport, art or economics – it depends on you.

As our speaking course is personal (just you and the teacher/examiner) the time spent in the lesson is really unique and you can get valuable information from IELTS speaking examiners who have been doing this for many years.

For more info on our course please click “Speaking” in the main menu.

Our online IELTS preparation course can help you with both the reading and listening sections. During the lessons you can let the teacher know your previous reading and listening practice scores.


-To develop the ability to tackle the differing questions types (especially true/false/not given)
-Develop your speed and accuracy in locating information
-Speed reading tips and strategies
-To gain confidence with difficult passages

Teachers will show you free resources to practice the reading part.

-You will develop the ability to
-Understand the distinction between “numbers”
-Learn about when to use articles “the” “a”
-The teacher will discover your weaknesses in spelling and
help you overcome any problems with consistent testing.

Teachers will show you free resources to practice the listening part.

Yes, of course. During the free 15 minute consultation you can tell the teacher your past results (if you have any) and they will design a course just for you. During a full 1 hour lesson you can they will design a course that is typically spent with 30 mins on speaking / 30 mins on writing. It really depends on your needs, just speak to them about it during your free trial.

All our teachers are IELTS examiners / have been IELTS examiners / or have extensive IELTS teaching experience.

We get many applications, but we only accept teachers who are real IELTS examiners/experts. We ask every applicant for 2 references and we only accept references that look like this (or IDP)  There are no exceptions as we want to guarentee you quality!

After receiving a positive reference we then interview every teacher personally. If the teacher cannot pass our interview and supply genuine references and pass our interview we will not add them to our platform. We guarantee you the highest quality tuition at a fair price.

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The free 15 minute consultation is a time to ask the teacher as many questions as you and explain your IELTS situation to them.

They will listen carefully to your English and assess your level and what IELTS band you need. Each student has different strengths and weaknesses, therefore the teacher will design a course just for you to reach your band quickly.

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Yes you can, some days you can have private lessons and other days you could have group lessons. It’s up to you. Please speak about this with the teacher during a free trial 15 minute consultation.

Yes, the teachers on our platform are based in different parts of the world (the majority in the UK)  so you will always find a teacher that can help you. Some of our teachers teach more than others so please message them. When you message the teacher, please suggest 2 different times for your free 15 min consultation lesson.

Yes you can change your teacher at any time or have 2 teachers to teach you at the same time.

If you buy a package of lessons with 1 teacher you cannot transfer the lessons to another teacher.

Having a online lesson is like having a teacher in the same room, you can use video or audio only (we recommend to use headphones for a clearer sound) . Another great advantage is the flexibility to choose the lessons when you want and also no travel costs.

To see if you like it –  book a free 15 minute trial today.

Just click on a teacher profile, and message them at the bottom of the page, the will reply very quickly to your email.

The unique thing is that our online IELTS preparation courses (general or academic) are designed just for you and your specific needs.

Yes they can help and they have helped so many students to pass who were in this situation.

If you have taken the test many times and failed you need to know why – what the reason is – our teachers will help you to think like an examiner and design a course specific for your needs.

If you are at band 5.5 and you need 7.5 – you need to work hard – very hard if you have limited time. The encouraging thing is, that having your own expert IELTS teacher you will be constantly motivated and you will know you are heading in the right direction – you are studying what needs to be studied to get your band.

You can have audio only lessons, that’s fine. In both cases it always better to use a headset (headphones/mic) to get a really clear sound.

Yes! Of course they are very friendly. They are all highly professional teachers who want to help you as much as they can. The online course they teach is always taught in a relaxed but focused atmosphere.

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It is so important to select an IELTS course/teacher that have genuine credentials and proven results – book a free 15 min trial now to see for yourself!