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Lesson Terms

Internet Connection / Microphone Problems

It is very important that you check your connection and microphone before any lesson on IELTS Tutor Pro. The tutors all have stable connections and have headsets with good microphones. Any time wasted by a student having connectivity problems or microphone problems will be deducted from the lesson time.

Cancellation policy and being ready to start on time

You must message the tutor 6 hours before the start of the lesson if you want to cancel/reschedule the lesson. The tutors are very busy and plan their day around the lessons they have booked, so it is very important to message the teacher within 6 hours before the start. Otherwise you will lose your lesson fee.

Please be ready to start the lesson 5 minutes before the scheduled lesson time, the tutors will be logged into Skype and will be waiting for your message to start.

The Trial Lesson

There is only 1 trial lesson allowed for each student and if a student is late for the trial another lesson cannot be scheduled.

Lesson validity

Lessons within a package are valid for a period of 3 months after the date of purchase.