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What happens during the 15 minute trial/consultation?
I can only do lessons in the evenings/weekends is that ok?
Can I change teachers?
Are the lessons really 1-to-1 private lessons or are there any group lessons?
I have never had an online lesson what is it like?

All lessons are 1-to-1 private lessons 

IELTS writing - How can the teacher help me to improve? What is the course?
IELTS Speaking - How can the teacher help me?
Listening and reading - How does that work?
Can I mix a lesson with writing and speaking?
Are your teachers really IELTS examiners?

The unique thing is that the courses (IELTS or general English lessons) are designed just for you and your specific needs.

I have taken IELTS many times, I am fed up, can your teachers really help?
Do you offer a writing correction service?
Do I have to use video or can I have an audio Skype class?
Some or your teachers are examiners/past examiners are they friendly?

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