British IELTS Examiner Taraneh Lessons

IELTS Examiner Taraneh Lessons

I will add you to Skype or Zoom and we can arrange a time.

This is one of my videos on coherence and cohesion

After an initial free trial lesson, I will design lessons to highlight your problem areas so that we can work on strengthening your skills and address areas of weakness.

So often, I have seen students waste time just repeating test papers, without identifying and focusing on areas that need to be improved.

Pricing for IELTS Speaking lessons

1 x 55 Minute IELTS Speaking Lesson

  • £23 / $30 USD
  • Practice and receive extensive feedback
  • Part 1 / 2 / 3
  • Zoom/Skype (Audio or Video)
  • Paypal/Stripe Payments
  • Start with a free 15 minute trial lesson