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Hi, my name is Taraneh. I have taught English whilst living in China over the last seven years to people of mixed abilities. Four years ago, I became an IELTS examiner for the British Council (Guangzhou) where I gained a much greater understanding of what examiners will be looking for.

Use my knowledge as an examiner to help you raise your IELTS score quickly!

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After an initial free trial lesson, I will design lessons to highlight your problem areas so that we can work on strengthening your skills and address areas of weakness.

So often, I have seen students waste time just repeating test papers, without identifying and focusing on areas that need to be improved.

I have lived and worked in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and China. Each experience has been wonderful in its own way and has made me appreciate that we are all one and yet we are so different. It is our differences that make the world so interesting and wonderful!

My last seven years in China have been a wonderful experience for me and has kicked me off with a new career considering education as a supporting pillar of peace. Recently I have started to get involved in permaculture as a way of life to create community and be in harmony with nature.

I enjoy making my surroundings beautiful, chatting with friends from many diverse parts of the world and family time. I have recently become a grandmother to my special granddaughter, Lucca Joy, who has stolen my heart!

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