IELTS Essay Checking Service-Writing Corrections by Examiners Task 1-2

IELTS Essay Checking Service Writing Task 1 / 2

Have your IELTS writing essays marked and explained by a real IELTS expert live in a Skype/Zoom class!

To learn more about our fast learning approach to IELTS writing lessons – please watch below.

(The teacher corrects your essay before the lesson and then explains things to you in the lesson)

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We believe our method is much more effective than other IELTS writing services on the internet. Our IELTS correction service will let you understand why you are not scoring higher + you will be shown how to improve with a real IELTS expert!

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Having an IELTS expert as your personal guide will help you to understand exactly what you need to do to get a higher band score.

The experts will mark your essays before the class, and will use screen sharing during the lesson. Your essay could look like this:

The amazing thing is, because the lesson is live on Skype or Zoom you can ask your expert teacher extensive questions.

You will be shown exactly how to improve and understand what is needed to get your IELTS score. 

Frequently asked questions:

When the teacher is checking your IELTS essay, they will explain what your problems are and why you are only getting a certain score. Most importantly, they will guide you and show you how to improve your writing.

These are some aspects you will look at with your teacher during a Skype lesson:

  • You will learn how to quickly generate ideas for your essays/target the question ‘head on’
  • Learn how to write main body paragraphs using more complex sentences
  • You will become aware of your grammatical mistakes + you will focus on these issues
  • You will work on structure and develop your skill to edit
  • You will learn to use appropriate/advanced vocabulary for your band
  • Create a vocabulary diary/idea bank
  • Learn the correct use of cohesive devices and transitions
  • Referencing/synonyms
  • Become aware of your bad habits and how to control them
  • Improve your punctuation
  • You can practice many diverse topics and questions types
  • You will look at model answers for you band
  • You will learn to “think like an examiner”
  • You will learn to write consistently
  • You will learn how to edit and what to omit when writing an essay

You will learn precisely what is required to reach your desired band score.

After every lesson, you will receive homework which could include exercises for your specific writing weaknesses. You will get many new task 1/2 essays to work on. This is a personal 1-to-1 service and all of the instruction is specific to you and what you need to do to pass.

Click on a teacher profile and message them!  They will message you back within 12 hours, and you can arrange a free trial 15 mins via Skype/Whatsapp or Zoom.

Payments can be made directly to them. If you have any questions about the service, please either message us above, email us, use our online chat feature, or call our office in London (contact details are below)

If you do not have a task 1 or 2 essay question, just ask the teacher during the free 15 mins class and they can supply you with a question/s.

Message now and a teacher will contact you within
12 hours to arrange a lesson time.

So many students have passed with our unique IELTS writing checking service – Many students have told us
“by finally knowing what is required at each band, I was able to write essays knowing what the examiners wanted! ” 

Teacher Guarantee 

We check the employment references of all the teachers on our site and interview the teachers personally.
We are committed to offering you some of the best IELTS teachers on the internet at a fair price.