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IELTS Speaking Teachers – via Skype/Whatsapp/Online


  • Are you looking for an online IELTS teacher to help you pass the speaking part of the exam?
  • Maybe you have tried several times to pass the speaking test but keeping getting a lower score?

You can relax in the knowledge that we have some of the best online IELTS teachers on the Internet!

The teachers on this site have helped hundreds of students pass the IELTS test and they can easily help you too. The speaking part is one of the hardest parts for many people as often students do not have anyone to practice on and show them their mistakes.

Most teachers on this site are examiners from the British Council and will be able to show you exactly what you need to do to get the higher band score in the speaking test.

ielts speaking teachers

How can the teacher help me to get a higher score at speaking?

You can start with a free trial 15 minute lesson, this is where the teacher will evaluate your speaking ability.
During a lesson you will:

  • Practice speaking on many diverse topics and the teacher will identify your mistakes
  • Work on Grammatical issues/ Pronunciation issues that are obstacles to getting a higher score. Everything will be explained to you during each class and you will know exactly what you need to work on.
  • Have access to the IELTS examiner band descriptors, so you can see what exactly is required to pass at each band.
  • Learn key vocabulary within each topic and high level words to impress the examiner and you will learn to articulate yourself to a very high level.
  • Focus on Part 2 and 3 of the speaking test but Part 1 is also covered.



During a lesson on Skype or Whatsapp the teacher will give you all the lesson materials for your preparation for IELTS. The classes are given in a relaxed and friendly way and the teachers tailor all the lessons to your individual needs.

Each students speaking ability is different so some students might need to spend more time on grammar issues and others on pronunciation.

Confidence in the IELTS speaking exam is the key!

The ability to be confident talking about a wide range of topics is what will give you the score you need. During the lesson your teacher will show you how to be natural and not mechanical when speaking, you will find any fear you may of had will become much less as the teacher shows you how build your confidence.

Can the teacher also help me with other parts of the IELTS test?

Yes absolutely, a lot of students combine a 1 hour lesson with some writing practice (the teacher will mark your essays during the lesson and give you advice and tips), they can also help you with the reading and listening parts.

You are welcome to book a free 15 minute trial lesson now with one of our teachers.