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Hi, my name is Taraneh. I have taught English whilst living in China over the last seven years to people of mixed abilities and nationalities. Four years ago, I became an IELTS examiner for the British Council where I gained a much greater understanding of what examiners will be looking for during the speaking test and as they mark the writing scripts.
Based on my experience, I have developed sound study and exam taking tips that my students have found useful to boost their IELTS score and I look forward to helping you too.
Message me below with a day/time for a lesson and I can explain how I can help you in detail.
  • IELTS Examiner for the British Council
  • CELTA Certificated
  • British Native
  • Highly Qualified/Experienced IELTS Tutor
  • Friendly Tutor

Use my knowledge as an examiner to help you raise your IELTS score quickly!


After an initial trial lesson,  I will design lessons to highlight your problem areas so that we can work on strengthening your skills and address areas of weakness. So often, I have seen students waste time just repeating test papers, without identifying and focusing on areas that need to be improved.

No matter your level, be confident that I will work with you to improve your band score whilst making the lessons enjoyable.

It is important to get the best results for your time and money spent. Let me show you how I can help you pass with the score you need.



I will show you exactly how to structure your Part 1 / 2 essays and give you examiner band descriptors to show you exactly how to get your desired score.

I will show you the best way to describe and analyse tables,charts, maps, graphs, and how to write a Part 2 essay clearly and logically.

You will always receive a complete detailed check of each essay and I will show you exactly what you need to do to improve giving you homework for any grammatical issues you may have.


We will look at all 3 parts and I will give you lots of practice especially on topics you are not confident talking about. I will show you how to articulate your ideas clearly and logically and will corect and address any issues you may have with grammar or pronunciation.

Reading and Listening

I can offer hints and tips and practice exercises that will contribute to developing competency in these areas quickly.


I will supply materials for the lessons and show you model answers, Please message me below – I look forward to helping you!



I am CELTA certified through International House, London, and became a certified IELTS examiner 4 years ago.  I hold a degree in IT (UK) an EMBA  (South Africa) and am a certified project manager (USA). Currently, I am studying for a doctoral degree in Peace Studies, linking education as a primary contributor to sustainable development and peace.

Over the last 15 years, I have taught adults various courses and in the last seven years, my teaching has focused on English as a second language for general, medical and professional purposes. More recently in China, I have taught classes of 30 plus students as well as working with smaller groups of 4 or less, to prepare for the IELTS and BEC exams, as well as help doctors and nurses, prepare for a 3-6 month assignment in an English-speaking country.  I have also taught English for Academic Purposes at university level and General English.

My best is one-on-one or smaller groups as this is where you can really get to know each other and feel as if you are helping.  I have often not just taught English but also become an integral part of the whole planning process of an adventure overseas.

My years as an examiner have really helped me to know what to look for and guide my students to give them the best chance to reach their goal.


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She'll get you there !

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There is something magical about words, and the way you use them determines the course of your life. Maybe in just a few days from the moment you read this review you will have an English language test that is so important for the future You. Taraneh will give you some key strategies and techniques, and you can use them to unlock things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to consciously understand. With just a few lessons you would not come to an absolute understanding of the proper language use in spoken language and in written language. An English language test is doing exactly what it is meant to do, that is to show you and others the exact level that you really possess, with no chances for cheating. But you can lose one or even two points if you lose your focus or you can gain one or two additional points if you become familiar in using some specific techniques. This is where Taraneh helped me: she gave me strength and confidence, guided me on what and how to learn, and she made sure that I understood the value of practice.

I passed with 7 overall, Thanks

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She is more than willing to help and offer extra effort or time of she thinks you need it.She gave me the trust I needed , notes and comments which helped me jump to the required 7 band in Speaking.She doesn't know till now that I achieved 7.I am really sorry but lost my Skype account credentials.Anyway, thank you Taraneh.You are the ONE.

Very supportive teacher

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I am going to the UK to study because of her thank you again!